Sony MDR7506 Headphones Review

Here’s my take on the Sony MDR7506 Professional DJ Headphones:

Well, first of all…they’re from Sony so that says a lot about the sound quality and workmanship that you come to expect from Sony products. But even the best can miss their mark. But that is not the case when it comes to these bad boys!

These have a great sound that does not have an over-abundance of bass and the mids and highs come in loud and clear. If you are a DJ and need to hear the next track to mix in you will love the fact that these are like wearing a pair of soundproof headphones for a construction worker (with the volume up). So you will now need to find another excuse for not being able to hear what is coming out of your headphones as to why you missed getting the next track ready. It also allows you to muffle out the crowd so you can focus on mixing in a track.

And these Sony MDR7506 headphones are known for their comfort so wearing them for hours should be no problem in using them for gigs or just jammin’ out. Now that you have an idea of what you can expect…go get a pair!

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